To Assurant Team
     First is first.    I am so grateful and appreciative for all the business opportunities over the years.        It has been over 15 years since our companies done business together.      I have an idea that I want to run by everyone.      It should be an incredible instant win/win and should easily add millions to both companies bottom line.       The idea is to  put true value on product that is as of now being called "scrap"   and parts " lcds, boards, plastics accessories etc".    The fact is.      Assurant is our most our valued partner .     We want to increase our business with Assurant by leaps and bounds.      At the same time,  we dont want to be just "one of" by asking for the higher margin product and passing on low margin product.          We are thankful to be on an asset disposition list.          To start I would like to explain our position.   Most of our margins come from uncleared, as/is, and liquidation lots.      We run all product throe R2 standard process.      Thus the is great cost associated with each unit that many  A/B stock usually are very low margin for us mainly because we have to run in throe the same checks, balances and audit trails as other product.      The A+ grade product has hardly any margins for us.      I am sure profit margins work directly opposite from Assurant.      I want to make a difference in a true way.     I want to make a huge difference in both volume of product we currently buy and margins we buy it at to Assurant.       I promise will not let Assurant down.          As far as I know I am the absolute best in the industry in putting value on written down assets such as scrap.